Mostly, I’m an author of illustrated mini-stories.

But I also have created music. And I’m a long-time web developer.

About Closure

Eileen Drury spent most of her life looking for closure. Her 90 years were characterized by searching, by longing, by trying to make sense of it all. She never did. She completed her journey without any satisfactory answers. It was 70 years earlier, a young Eileen was...

Zombie Marketing

Lemme tell you a story. There was this planet—let’s call it “Earth”—where non-people (called “publicly held corporations”) perfected some great sales techniques. They were so great that they worked even for non-people selling to actual...

The Bird Tree

I understand that they flock together, but why THAT tree? What made it THE tree of choice? Why not the next tree over? We called it “the bird tree” because that’s where the starlings would congregate. Some people hated them, calling them flying rats....


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