Creative work is a big part of my life. I’ve written hundreds of illustrated short stories, including two books published on Kindle and featured here. There’s a bit of animation and music. In the future, I’m hoping to produce more stories, an illustrated fable book (inspired by Thurber’s classic, The Last Flower), a play, some more animation and perhaps a novel.

Uncorrected Proofs

A collection of short stories that will disturb your thinking—in a good way. May cause dizziness, shortness of breath, laughter, crying or existential angst. Take only as directed.

Listen Up!

Are you ready for anything? Because anything can happen in this angst-ridden, joyful, mysterious, mundane world of short, hard-hitting fiction. In this 2nd collection of illustrated micro-stories, Ray Katz continues to explore a strange universe that, at times, is uncomfortably similar to the one we live in. Whether it’s world-changing nobodies, philosophical street-people, or time traveling eccentrics, you’ll be visiting odd worlds and odder people than you’ve ever experienced.

Stories: For Free!

Indistinct Chatter

If you’re deaf, you know all about it. If not, turn on the closed caption setting on your TV and you can see for yourself. Indistinct chatter. No, it’s actually in parentheses: “(Indistinct Chatter).” You’ll see it on every TV show—dramas, comedies, news,...

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Here’s a cartoon that I produced.. Someday there may be more.


Here’s a few songs I produced. There’s a whole album somewhere and a few other experiments.