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Short Stories and More


short stories creativeCreative short stories and other inventive work is a big part of my life. I’ve written hundreds of illustrated short stories, including two books published on Kindle and featured here. There’s a bit of animation and music. In the future, I’m hoping to produce more stories, an illustrated fable book (inspired by Thurber’s classic, The Last Flower), a play, some more animation and perhaps a novel.

Enjoy my stories, video and music. Maybe even buy my book!

Latest Essay
Medicare for America vs. Medicare for All

Medicare for America vs. Medicare for All

Medicare for America is a bill introduced in December 2018 by Democratic Representatives Rosa DeLauro and Jan Schakowsky. https://delauro.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/delauro-schakowsky-introduce-medicare-america The healthcare proposal is based on a plan...

Latest Story

The Imperfect Boycott That Saved the World

The Imperfect Boycott That Saved the World

I was—and still am—a nobody. I had no special talents or qualifications. And I didn’t really do anything but speak out with common sense. The fact is, the human race is pretty sensible. Our leaders—mired in ridiculous destructive ideology—were dumb. They overestimated...