Who I Am

Hello. I am Ray Katz running my personal website to share information about me at www.raykatz.com. You may contact me at ray@raykatz.com.

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

This website collects anonymous data—data that cannot be traced to any identifiable individual—to analyze how people are using the website and help us to improve the user experience.

Contact forms

We may also collect identifiable data on forms or via email. You will be reminded when this data is personally identifiable before you submit it in any of our forms. We try to make the purpose of our data collection clear at the point of collection.


This website uses cookies—small bits of code—in various places to track interactions. On this site, cookies do not contain any user-identifiable information. They may serve a variety of purposes, most of which are to improve the user experience. For example, we may store your date and time of access to the site’s home page, so we don’t show you the same popup on the same day.


We use analytics package installed to understand better how users interact with the website. This package does not collect any user-identifiable data.

Request a Copy of Your Data or Request Deletion

To further respect your rights and privacy, we enable you to download a copy of data we store on you and/or request deletion of that data. In most cases, I will have NO identifiable information on you. However, if you want me to check, please email me your request at ray@raykatz.com.